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2018 Bodega Abel Mendoza Grano a Grano Graciano - Garnacha

2018 Bodega Abel Mendoza Grano a Grano Graciano - Garnacha

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In 2015, Abel and Maite decided to blend Graciano and Garnacha and see
what happened. They were told by friends that they were silly for doing
this. As winemakers, they were merely curious as to how these two vastly
different varieties would pair.

Contrary to perceived opinion, the experiment was a success as they blended
very well, almost in a yin and yang fashion. The acidity and freshness of the
Graciano was tempered and balanced by the softness and fruitiness of the
Garnacha. Produced in smaller quantities than the other two Grano a Grano
wines, the berries are blended before fermentation.

“Grano a Grano” literally means “Grape by Grape”. Each cluster of fruit is
destemmed by hand. The idea is to separate the stems from the fruit and not
to break the berries at all. During harvest, they invite some friends over and
start destemming.

The aim is to get the fruitiness they get in the carbonic maceration Jarrarte
into a more serious wine. Fermentation starts inside the berries and then the
fruit is stomped by foot. The wine is made in small tanks of no more than
1,200 kgs. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine is placed into a mix of new
225 and 500 liter French oak barrels. Malolactic fermentation takes place in
the barrel and the wine aged for 18 months before being bottled.

The 2018 Graciano-Garnacha Grano a Grano is an expressive, deep and
fresh wine. Another vintage that shows a great balance between maturity and
freshness. Aromas of fresh red fruit, spicy notes and elegant toasted notes.
On the palate it is elegant and full-bodied, with a very fresh and long finish.

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